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Sign Up for eStatements

Did you know that the printing of First City monthly statements requires about 1.4 million pieces of paper each year? That’s why we want to encourage members to receive their statements online. Eliminate paper clutter, sign up for eStatements!

Top 10 Reasons To Sign Up for eStatements

  1. It’s safe and secure: Banking on the internet (including, online banking, eStatements and bill payment) is the most secure way to do your banking. It is fully encrypted within an electronically secured environment that only the account holder can access (assuming you do not give your PIN to anyone). It is certainly more secure than receiving your bills and statements in your mailbox!
  2. Your statements arrive faster: eStatements are available to you the day they are processed (generally the first or second business day of each month). Mailed statements are delivered around the sixth or seventh day of the month, depending on the statement processor and the U.S. Postal Service.
  3. They are easy to access: After you sign-up, your next month’s eStatement will be available within FirstCitylink online banking. When your eStatement is processed, you will receive an email telling you that it is available for viewing.. You can then access your statement by clicking on the eStatement button in online banking.
  4. Copies of your checks are instantly available: A free copy of the front and back of your check (with endorsement) is available to view and print, simply by clicking on the check number in your eStatement. With mailed statements, if you need a copy of a check, you would need to order it from the credit union, pay a small fee, and wait for it to arrive by mail.
  5. You have instant access to your last 12 months of statements: eStatements are stored within online banking, and available for viewing, for a year.
  6. You can print eStatements if you want paper copies: eStatements can be printed if you ever need a copy, or want to keep for your records.
  7. eStatements save paper! Every year, printed statements require an enormous amount of paper. Save paper! Sign up for eStatements!
  8. eStatements save your credit union money: Each mailed statement costs First City about $2.13, including the cost of the paper, printing, processing, and postage – and the costs are rising every year. eStatements cost the credit union about 10-cents each. Remember: credit union cost savings and earnings are returned to you, as a member/owner, in the form of better rates and higher quality services!
  9. eStatements, online banking, and bill payment are FREE: There is no cost to use First City’s online banking services.
  10. It’s easy to sign up: To sign up for eStatements, simply click on the eStatement within FirstCitylink online banking. If you are not registered for online banking, click on the “New User” link in the Log in box on our homepage.

View Your Statements Online

Your First City monthly statements are now available within our online banking service. eStatements are displayed in the same easy-to-read format as our printed statements – plus you’ll be able to view and print-out copies of your checks! If you are not yet registered for online banking, click on the  “Sign Up Today!” link in the Online Banking box on our homepage. There is also one towards the top of this page. It’s easy, and it’s FREE!