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In the Community

Supporting the communities and employers we serve.

First City has a rich history of giving back.  We proudly take active roles in numerous events and committees.  Our efforts include: fundraising, charitable donations, financial contributions, event sponsorships, financial education seminars, staff support, and much more!

Preserving strong relations with our sponsors and the communities in which we do business is vital to the long-term success of the credit union. Throughout the year, employees continued to devote their time at First City sponsored events, including the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department boxing promotions, the Department of Children and Family Services and Department of Public Social Services picnics, LAC+USC Medical Center fairs, the Sheriffs’ Relief Association Family Social, and numerous other local community events.  In addition, our financial education seminars helped thousands of employees at the Department of Children and Family Services, LAC+USC Medical Center, and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

We love being involved with our sponsors and communities! Follow our Facebook feed to get up to the minute information on our events, financial advice, inspirational quotes, and find out what First City’s friends and partners are up to!