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First City’s Banking Services

  Online Banking Mobile App Contact Center ATM
Withdraw Cash
Deposit Cash
Deposit Checks
Loan Payments

(Share to Loan)

(Share to Loan)

Credit Card Only
Accounts and Balances Checking and Savings Only
View/Access Statements
View and Search Transaction History
Apply for a Loan
Pay Bills Online (Bill Pay)
Schedule One-Time or Recurring Transfers
File a Dispute, Report Lost Card or Fraud Claim
Open New Shares
Open a Membership
Get Account Number, Routing Number, and MICR
Wires For Escrow or Your Account with Other Financial Institutions (up to $10,000)
Stop Payments
Replacement ATM, Debit and Credit Cards
Request Credit Card Limit Increase
Account Maintenance (Address Change Only)  
  • Large Cash (Withdrawals Greater than $600)
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Non-Member (First CityCheck Cashing)
  • New Trust and Fiduciary Accounts
  • Coin Deposit
  • New Wires (3rd Party Wires or Escrow Wires Over $10,000)