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Direct Deposit

When initiating a Direct Deposit into, or an Automatic Withdrawal from an account, please provide the following information:

Institution Name:
First City Credit Union

ABA/Routing Number:

Account Type:
Checking or Savings

Account Number:
For Checking Accounts:
Please use the share draft MICR number located at the bottom of your checks after all the zeros. All the numbers necessary to debit or credit your account can be found on a voided copy of your check.

For Savings Accounts:
Please use your 5 or 6-digit member number (as found on your statement), followed by two zeros and your 2-digit share number (typically "01"), i.e., 1234560001, or 6543210010. Please do not use spaces or symbols. 

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Important:  Make sure to fill out the forms accurately and completely, and please provide your First City account number, otherwise your employer and First City may not be able to fulfill your request.

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