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First City's 2019 Calendars

Our 2019 Calendars are available in our branches to be picked up during business hours, please check with your branch for available supply.  We have three versions available:

County: For Los Angeles County employees with their paydays and holidays.
Sheriff’s Department: For LASD employees with their paydays and holidays.
Generic: For all other members, showing First City’s holidays.

They are only available in our branches while supplies last.  If you are a representative of an L.A. County Department and you would like to schedule a visit by First City at your employer site, Contact Dionne Arciga at 800-944-2200, extension 2510.  We will be happy to come and serve our members and help you with your accounts, answer questions, and bring member information such as our brochures, rates, and calendars.

Future Upgrades to Online and Mobile Banking

To provide the most secure environment for our users, we will be conducting a project to make upgrades to our Mobile and Online banking platforms.  It is currently scheduled for February 25, 2019 from 6pm - Midnight.  Due to this upcoming change, a small portion of our members with outdated browsers, desktop operating systems and/or mobile operating systems will need to use an updated method to connect to Mobile and Online banking products once this change has been completed.

Impacted Systems and Devices:
Mobile Device Operating Systems
*    Android devices version 4.4.4 and below.
*    Apple iOS devices using Safari versions 5 and below.
*    Windows Phone using Internet Explorer Mobile versions 10 and below.
Desktop Operating Systems
*    Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 with Microsoft Internet Explorers 
versions 10 or below.
*    Apple OS X using Safari Versions 8 or below.

Members with incompatible devices will need to take the following actions. These users will fall into one of these two categories.
*    Fully Impacted: Users who have one or more devices of which all will become incompatible once the TLS security enhancements are implemented.
*    Partially Impacted: Users who have two or more devices of which at least one device will become incompatible once the TLS security enhancements are implemented.

End User Actions Required:
*    Microsoft Operating Systems: Windows operating systems using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 and below will need to be upgraded to the latest versions.
*    Apple Operating Systems: Apple operating systems using Safari Version 8 and below will need to be upgraded to the latest version.
*    Apple and Microsoft Web Browsers: All outdated web browsers will need to be upgraded to the latest version.
*    Android Tablets or Phones: Devices running any Android operating system released before December 2014 will need to be replaced. Or the users will need to access Online Banking through another compatible device.

New Electronic Transfer Feature

Make Electronic Transfers or Payments from your outside accounts to you First City accounts!  Fill out the Electronic Funds Transfer Form located in the Document & Resource section.  Available now!

Limited Time Offer

First City has a new 27-month term certificate at 2.70% APY* for a limited time! Open online or in a branch today!

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Penalty for early withdrawal. New money deposit only. Minimum deposit $1,000. 27-month certificate will convert to a 24-month yield/term at the end of maturity. Limited time offer, rate subject to change. Savings Federally insured by the NCUA.

New Features Coming to Mobile Apps

The new version of our mobile apps is focused on bringing valuable features to mobile users, by the end of August.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Payee details update – Payee details view is given a new look and recent payment history information is added to this view.
  • Edit payee details – Mobile users will be able to edit information about their payees and also delete payees.
  • Additional account details - Additional relevant account detail information is displayed in the Account and Account History screens.
  • Past Due – Mobile users will now be made aware of when their account became past due, and the amount that is past due.
  • Deposit message – If a check deposit is held for review, users will now see a disposition message on the confirmation screen.
  • Accessibility for Remote Deposit Capture – Validated and updated the RDC interface to be more accessible.

Your Direct Deposit is Now Even Faster!

Great News, Pay-Ahead is here! If your employer sends your direct deposit to First City electronically, you can now receive the deposit before your normal payday.  Instead of waiting until your designated pay date, First City's Pay-Ahead service will deposit your paycheck when it is received from your employer.  Best of all, you don't even have to sign up!  If your employer doesn't use electronic direct deposit, ask them to make the change now!  Depending on holidays or other events, you could get your paycheck up to a couple of days earlier.

Don't Get SMiShed!

SMiShing scams are similar to phishing scams. You get a message from a bank or service provider asking you to do something. However, the SMiShing is really a message from a scam artist. While most people are familiar with email phishing scams, they're less skeptical when receiving SMiShing messages.


How SMiShing Works:


SMiShing scams often direct you to visit a website or call a phone number. If you dial the number, you’ll be asked for sensitive information like a credit card number.



If you visit the website, it may attempt to infect your computer with malware.


Scammers continually get more and more creative. Most consumers are savvy enough not to fall for the old "we need your bank account password" email. However, a text message seems less threatening.


Instead of just trying to get money from you, like they do in cashier's check scams, SMiShing schemes often just try to get information such as credit card numbers. Then they use or sell the information later.

Remember, First City and its respresentatives will not make requests for your credit card number or personal information through text message.  We are always working to safeguard your information and want to help you learn how to keep yourself safe.

New Schedule of Fees

--We've Reduced Many Fees

We’re hard at work reducing fees for you, our members. In fact, we’ve eliminated 11 fees, an almost 25% reduction overall. There was only one fee increase, the Returned Payment fee (from $25 to $31, to reflect current costs),while only one updated fee, the Duplicate Statement Fee of $5 was introduced, to accompany the availability of FREE Online Statements. These changes take effect on August 15, 2017 and reflect our commitment to bring you a broad range of quality financial services, delivered and priced to provide good value. If you would like a copy of the new schedule of fees, you can click here for a copy of the new schedule of fees, call (800) 944-2200, request it by mail, or visit our branches.

First City Ranks Top 200 Healthiest

First City received an A+ rating among federally insured credit unions in the United States for 2017. We also rank among the top 200 for the fourth straight year, as listed by DepositAccounts.com.

More information can be found at: https://www.depositaccounts.com/banks/health.aspx#healthiest

Branch Closures

December 24 at 1 pm and
December 25, for Christmas
December 31 at 1 pm and
January 1, for New Years
January 21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
February 18, Presidents Day

Helpful Tips:

If you're traveling internationally, be sure to notify us so we can make certain your Visa credit/debit card is authorized by you during your trip!



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