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Fixed-Rate Home Equity Loan

First City’s Fixed-Rate Home Equity Loan is an alternative for those concerned about rising rates and rising payments.

Tap into your home’s equity with a fixed-rate for home improvement, loan consolidation, college tuition-whatever you need.

  • Low fixed rate
  • A fixed term
  • Borrow up to 80% of your home’s value (less your mortgage balance), up to $200,000.

Compare our Home Equity Loan rate with the rates on your home equity lines of credit, credit cards, and other adjustable loans. You’ll see that the rate on our Home Equity Loan is quite competitive. And because it has a fixed rate, you won’t have to worry about your payment increasing.

The fees on this loan, which can be included in your financing, are much lower than if you refinanced your first mortgage. And the process is easier and faster!

5 Year4.250%4.443%
7 Year4.750%4.892%
10 Year5.250%5.353%
15 Year5.750%5.823%

*Owner-occupied 1-4 unit properties only. This is a fixed rate, fixed term loan secured by your home. Rates vary, depending on your credit qualifications. Credit approval required. Rates quoted for borrowers with good-excellent credit.  Rates subject to change. Additional Disclosures

For current rates or a home equity loan application, call our Real Estate Lending Hotline at 800-944-2200, ext. 5.


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