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Young Adult Loan Program

First City's Young Adult Loan program is designed to serve young members with attractive options and lower rates than they would otherwise qualify for at banks, retailers, car dealers or finance companies.

First Time Car Loan

  • New and used car loans up to $20,000; $25,000 with a qualified co-borrower
  • Loan terms of up to 60 months.

Personal Loan

  • Loans up to $1,500; up to $5,000 with a qualified co-borrower

First-Time Visa Credit Card

  • Credit lines available up to $1,500; lines up to $5,000 with a qualified co-signer.

Savings-Secured Personal Loan and Savings Secured Visa Credit Card

  • A loan or credit card, secured by a deposit, will help young adults establish their credit, at a lower rate than a loan that is not secured. Enjoy low loan rates while you continue to earn dividends on your savings.

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Teaching Young People About Credit

Many people in their late teens and early 20s don't have the experience and knowledge they need to make savvy credit choices. They may not make their payments on time because of a lack of understanding of credit, and the importance of maintaining a good credit history. As a result, surveys show that a large percentage of borrowers under the age of 25 are paying excessive loan fees and finance charges.

Young people should have a clear understanding of the costs of borrowing, and the impact that finance charges will have on their monthly expenses. When it is time to borrow, they should be encouraged to always shop for the best rates and best terms available. They should also understand that the loan rates and terms they qualify for are directly related to their credit history. Late or missed payments will show on their credit reports, and could prevent them from borrowing at affordable rates in the future.

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