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Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit electronically deposits your payroll check, retirement check, government benefit check (i.e., Social Security), or other recurring deposit, into your First City account. Direct Deposit is safe, convenient, and fast -and you'll never have to visit a branch and wait in line on payday again!


  • Your paycheck is deposited, even if you are unable to go to a branch on payday.
  • You don't have to worry about lost or stolen payroll or benefit checks.
  • With Direct Deposit, the monthly fee on Advantage Checking is waived for qualified members.*

*Minimum Direct Deposit of $300 a month required to qualify for free Advantage Checking.

Payroll Deduction

With Payroll Deduction, a set amount is automatically deposited into your First City loan or deposit account.


  • Pay yourself first with a regular automatic savings plan.
  • You'll never have to remember a due date, write a check, or use a stamp to make your First City loan payment, and make a deposit.
  • For members who are paid every two weeks, automatic payroll deduction can help to smooth-out your cash flow (smaller payments are made automatically with each pay period, rather than one larger payment per month).

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